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2009-2010 ‘Exploring Design’ Lecture Series

Liberty Leading the People into Government Center

The Boston Society of Architects Lecture Series at the Boston Public Library

This series is co-sponsored by the Boston Public Library and is held in the Library’s Rabb Lecture Hall in Copley Square. Each presentation begins at 6:00 pm at the Library and is free and open to all. We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes before the beginning of each presentation. Reservations are not required.

This annual series of presentations on architecture and the built environment illuminates the ways in which all of us shape the design of our neighborhoods and our cities, and the profound impact design has on our communities and the way in which we live.

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Civic Intimacy

Joshua Simoneau

June 16, 2010

Upon winning the prestigious Rotch Travelling Scholarship in 2008, Joshua spent approximately one year in Western Europe, examining many of the world’s greatest cities. Building upon Louis Kahn’s notion that “the center is the cathedral of the city,” Joshua’s research focuses on how the city center should not only be accessible, allowing expression and an equal sense of belonging to all participants, but also be socially relevant, transcendental, and concerned with everyday life in matters of both the individual and collective group. Joshua will discuss his investigation of European civic spaces and how lessons learned from these places might be applied to improve Boston’s civic realm.

Venice, Italy


JULY 19, 2009 – JULY 31, 2009

Venice is one of the most unique and beloved cities in the world. Located in northeast Italy, Venice is the capital of the Veneto region. The city center itself stretches across 118 small islands and has a population of around 62,000, while the majority of its residents live on the mainland. Given its location along the Adriatic Sea, Venice quickly became a rich and powerful city during its formative years. Today, however, the city exists almost exclusively as a tourist destination, as there is virtually no other industry … [ for more purchase CIVIC INTIMACY ]

Piazza San Marco

Venice, Italy

piazza san marco 2

The Piazza San Marco is the primary gathering space in Venice and is the only space referred to as a ‘piazza’, as all the others are referred to as ‘campi,’ regardless of size. The two most important buildings in the city are at this location, the Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Basilica. It is one of the very few great squares in the world in which the sound of the human voice prevails over any other, as there are no vehicles to be found in Venice. Even the canals are far enough removed from the space that they do not disrupt the acoustics of the piazza … [for more purchase CIVIC INTIMACY ]

Munich, Germany

munich context photo

JULY 08, 2009 – JULY 20, 2009

Located along the River Isar in southern Germany, Munich is the capital city of the region of Bavaria. Despite being only the third largest city in the country, it boasts the strongest economy as well as the lowest unemployment rate of any other Germany city. There are also several important national and international organizations located in the city, including the Federal Finance Court of Germany and the European Patent Office … [ for more purchase CIVIC INTIMACY ]


Munich, Germany


Marienplatz has been the central space in Munich since as early as 1158. The square is named after the Mariensaule, or Mary’s Column, which was erected at the center of the square to celebrate the end of Swedish occupation during the Thirty Years’ War in 1638. At its base are four statues representing adversities the city has had to overcome: war, pestilence, famine, and heresy. In fact, this type of column was the first of its kind installed north of the Alps and inspired many other Marian columns in this region of Europe. This column also marks kilometer zero in Munich, the point from which road distances are measured, despite the fact vehicles are prohibited from this area … [ for more purchase CIVIC INTIMACY ]