Barcelona, Spain

barcelona from parc guell

JANUARY 11, 2009 – JANUARY 24, 2009

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain behind only the capital, Madrid. Its location along the Mediterranean Sea contributes greatly to its success as not only a tourist destination, but also a shipping and trade port, as it is the largest and most important port along the Mediterranean. The city is also rich in culture with many museums and landmarks located here. Additionally it has been home to influential artists and architects, most notably Antonio Gaudi and Pablo Picasso. Barcelona also hosted the Summer Olympic Games in 1992 … [ for more purchase CIVIC INTIMACY ]


Placa de Sant Jaume

Barcelona, Spain

sant jaume

The Placa de Sant Jaume is located at the very heart of Barcelona and at the center of the historic Roman center of the Gothic Quarter. In fact, the space itself was once the location of the Roman Forum when the city was a Roman military camp, where the former Cardo and Decamanus (primary north/south and east/west streets during Roman times) These streets remain the primary access points to the square, despite there being six additional entry points. Today, the square remains an important and powerful place in the city, as it is the administrative heart of the modern city and is flanked by two important government buildings: the Casa de la Ciutat (city hall) and the Palas de la Generalitat (seat of Catalan government) … [ for more purchase CIVIC INTIMACY ]