Copenhagen, Denmark


APRIL 11, 2009 – APRIL 20, 2009

Copenhagen is the largest city and capital of Demark. The city is the most visited of the Nordic Countries, with around 1.3 million tourists visiting the city every year. The city is also experiencing significant growth with the completion of the Oresund Bridge in 2000, a transnational bridge connecting Copenhagen with nearby Malmo, Sweden. Within this region, the two cities are merging into one common metropolitan area. However, on its own, Copenhagen is consistently rated near the top of many impressive international lists and rankings. For instance, Copenhagen was recently singled out as the ‘Most Livable City in the World’ in 2008 by international lifestyle magazine ‘Monocle’ on its Top 25 Most Livable Cities 2008 list. In addition, the city is repeatedly recognized as one of the cities with highest quality of life. Copenhagen is also among the most environmentally friendly cities in the world; the water in the harbor is clean enough for swimming and an amazing 36% of its citizens commute to work by bicycle, totaling approximately 1.1 million kilometers rode each day … [ for more purchase CIVIC INTIMACY ]



Copenhagen, Denmark


Radhuspladsen, or City Hall Square, is the main square located in the center of Copenhagen. It has always been an important part of the city and, up to the middle of the 19th century, there was a gate located at the present day square. It was a place where payment was collected for the right to sell goods in the city. The area would undergo various phases of redevelopment until the beginning of the 20th century when its present configuration was completed. Perhaps more unfortunately, this was the period when the major roadways that run alongside the square were added … [ for more purchase CIVIC INTIMACY ]