Siena, Italy

piazza del campo above

DECEMBER 06, 2008 – DECEMBER 09, 2008

Positioned in the heart of Tuscany, the relatively small city of Siena is known the world over. Not only is it considered one of Italy’s most enchanting cities, it is also an important center for Medieval culture. Aside from its beauty and charm, it is perhaps best known for the annual horse race that takes place between rival city districts in the Piazza del Campo. Today, the historic center of Siena is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is thought that the Etruscans originally settled the city around 900 BC to 400 BC. … [ for more purchase CIVIC INTIMACY ]


Piazza Del Campo

Siena, Italy

campo from ground

The Piazza del Campo is perhaps the most iconographic representation of civic space the world has ever seen. Situated in the valley between the three hills that make up Siena, it was once the site of the central market. Due to the lack of Roman influence and later development, it is not the site of the Roman Forum, although it is sometimes referred to as this. The word ‘campo’ translated means ‘field’ (similar to the Campo Dei Fiori in Rome), and was not paved until 1349 with the memorable fishbone brick pattern that is seen today. The pattern is broken up with ten distinctive radiating lines of travertine, which divide the space into nine sections, symbolic of the “Council of Nine” that ruled over Siena during the most prosperous and peaceful period of the city’s history … [ for more purchase CIVIC INTIMACY ]